Seed Storage Box

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KEEP YOUR SEEDS SAFE – The black opaque nature of the garden seed organizer ensures that no light enters the box which keeps the seeds safe. Transparent bottles enable you to easily see what’s inside and how many seeds are left. Blank labels can be used to write your desired titles for each bottle and colored labels can be used for organizing and categorizing. The funnel will allow you to easily transport seeds into the bottles without spillage. Keep your precious seeds organized.

NON-TRANSPARENT BOX – Light exposure can trigger premature energy allocation in seeds that should remain dormant. Seeds are equipped with mechanisms to sense light, and if light reaches them before they are ready to sprout, they might channel energy toward growth prematurely, depleting their stored reserves and weakening their chances of successful germination. Our opaque seed storage box provides a safe and secure environment for the seeds until they are planted.

DURABLE PLASTIC & PERFECT SIZE – The seed storage container is made from thick and durable plastic which ensures the durability of the box. Thanks to the materials used, the seed sorter box remains lightweight and easy to use. The seeds box comes in a convenient size of 10.87×6.5×2.2” and the bottles are 1,85×0.94”.

WHATS INCLUDED – The box includes 56 transparent plastic bottles that keep your seeds dry and safe, the included box dividers ensure that the bottles stay neatly organized, and there’s also a designated slot for the included funnel and other accessories you might want to store. the rounded colorful labels are used for categorizing the bottles however you like, the white rectangle labels are used to write titles for the bottles.

GREAT GIFT FOR GARDENERS – Our plastic seed organizer makes an excellent gift for gardeners because it provides a practical and efficient solution for storing and organizing a variety of seeds. The organizer helps gardeners keep their collections neat and easily accessible. It prevents the loss or damage of seeds, allowing gardeners to know exactly what they have in stock. So if your friend or family member is an avid green thumb, and you are looking for a gift, look no further!



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Seed Storage Organizer


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