Gardening Moon Calendar, Perpetual Lunar Cycle Calendar for Gardeners


­čî┐PERPETUAL CALENDAR – This Moon Calendar can be used indefinitely which makes it a great investment to improve the vitality of your garden or farm. Shift your perspective on how you approach your gardening & farming and reap the bountiful benefits that come with it. Our gardening moon calendar will help you understand when you should perform & avoid tasks in your garden or farm.

­čî┐EASY TO USE – The gardening calendar is easy to understand and use, simply match the date of the new moon with the new moon on the inner wheel at the beginning of each month and follow the instructions on the wheel as the month progresses. When a new month begins, simply adjust the wheel, and you are done. You can also use the hole in the rivet to nail it to a wall in a shed or simply use it as is.

­čî┐FUNCTIONAL – You can use lunar cycles as a guide to determine optimal times for applying manure, spraying plants, weeding, planting different types of crops and plants, pruning branches & buds, cultivating crops, and more. This in turn will improve the yield of your crops, speed of growth, health & vitality of your plants. You can improve every aspect of your garden & farm by following nature’s rhythms.

­čî┐BASED ON SCIENCE – Gardening by the phases of the moon is an age-old method of farming & gardening, it’s based on the fact that the moon governs the movements of water on earth causing high and low tides. During the new moon, water is drawn from the plants back into the soil while the opposite is true during the full moon. This makes following the phases of the moon highly effective when determining which gardening or farming activities to pursue at any given time.

­čî┐GREAT GIFT FOR GARDENERS – Our moon guide is a nifty gift option for gardeners and farmers alike, that will surely come in handy when planning gardening activities. Improve the vitality of your friend’s or relatives’ farms and gardens or pick one up yourself!

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The perfect garden assistant that helps you determine optimal times for pruning, planting, sowing, and spraying.



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