Garden Planner for Vegetable Planting


EFFORTLESS PLANNING – Simplify your garden with our easy to use wheel-based vegetable garden planner! Determine seeds needed, planting depth, optimal spacing and much more for 21 popular vegetables. The garden planner works in all regions of USA and Canada. Simply adjust the frost line with the frost dates of your area to get started.

DURABLE – Plan for both spring and fall! Our durable, splash-proof cardboard wheel offers a comprehensive guide for every season. The planner Measures 9×9” and is fixed with a durable metal rivet. To switch the seasons, simply slide the rotating wheel from one side to another through the slit in the base wheel.

PLANT WITH PRECISION – Achieve perfect layouts with recommendations for distance between rows, hills, and post-thinning plant spacing.

STAY ATTENTIVE – Know exactly when to expect sprouts! Get insights into days to germination, maturation, and plan your harvest dates effectively.

MAXIMIZE RESULTS – Maximize yield with details on sunlight, soil temperature, expected produce, and ideal companions. A must-have tool for both indoor and outdoor gardening success!

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