Plastic Sleeves For Recipe Binders 8.5×11”


📄PERFECT REFILL – Easy & convenient refill option that is ideally suited for CraftSaints Recipe Pages and Binders. The plastic sleeves will help protect your valuable recipes from accidental spills & stains. The set includes 25pcs or 50pcs of thick & durable page protectors with 3 holes which are suitable for 3-ring binders. The size of the top-loading sheet protectors is US Letter 8.5×11” making them compatible with most recipe organizers & recipe pages on the market.

📄PREMIUM MATERIAL – Non-glare, Acid-free, Odor-free, Non-PVC, Archival-safe, Polypropylene cookbook page protector perfectly suited for 3-ring US letter size recipe binders & organizers. Our plastic sleeves are made of environmentally safe recyclable polypropylene.

📄CRYSTAL CLEAR – High-quality crystal clear plastic ensures that the contents of the plastic sleeves are easily visible & the contents remain in a safe environment keeping them secure from external hazards. Reduced glare helps you view the recipes with ease regardless of the angle or lighting.

📄DURABLE – Thick recipe book page protectors will keep your precious recipe sheets safe and well-guarded from various spills that occur in the kitchen while cooking, simply wipe the plastic protector sleeves clean after you are done! Store your valuable recipes in archival quality protector sheets keeping them safe and in pristine condition for years to come. Non-stick material ensures that ink won’t transfer to the plastic sleeves.

📄MULTIFUNCTIONAL – In addition to storing your recipes, you can use the plastic protectors to safeguard other valuables such as photos, documents, records, collectibles, budget cards, scrapbooks, and much more, making it a very versatile product that can be used in the home, at work or in school.

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25 Pack, 50 Pack


Set of 25 US letter size plastic sleeves perfect for our recipe binders!


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