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Compost bin Log template page
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A compost bin log template page is a document used to track the activity and progress of your composting efforts. It includes sections for recording the bin number, date started, date turned, and when it’s ready to use. This template helps you manage and optimize your compost bin for nutrient-rich compost production.

Gardening Binder

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Garden layout template page
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A garden layout template page is a tool for sketching and planning the layout of your garden. It provides a blank canvas where you can draw the arrangement of plants, pathways, and structures in your garden. This template is essential for visualizing and organizing your garden design.

Growing seasons template page
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A growing season template page is a comprehensive document that outlines your gardening goals for the year. It includes sections for setting objectives, planning soil maintenance and improvements, monitoring soil pH, identifying common pests and diseases, and reflecting on your gardening experiences. This template helps you stay organized and adapt your gardening strategies throughout the year.

My garden photos template page
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This page is a blank template where you can attach photographs of your garden. It provides space for documenting the visual progress of your garden over time. This page is ideal for creating a visual record of your garden’s development and changes.

My plants template page
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A detailed template for recording information about individual plants in your garden. It includes fields for plant images, water requirements, preferred position (e.g., sun or shade), months of interest (e.g., bloom or fruiting months), characteristics, personal notes, plant location in your garden, and the date it was planted. This page helps you maintain a comprehensive plant database.

Pests and vermins template page
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A template designed to track garden pests or insects that affect your plants. It includes sections for listing specific pests, identifying which plants they affect, and providing guidance on how to manage or eliminate them. This page is valuable for pest management strategies in your garden.

Plant History template page
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A plant history sheet is a detailed record of the history of a specific plant in your garden. It typically includes information such as the plant’s name, type, purchase location, seed source, fertilizer used, watering schedule, pest issues, blooming dates, yield, harvest dates, and the date it was initially planted. This sheet helps you monitor the performance and progress of individual plants.

My garden recipe template page
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A cooking recipe template specifically for dishes made from the produce harvested from your garden. It includes sections for ingredients, preparation steps, and cooking instructions using homegrown ingredients.

Visits and inspirations template page
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A template for documenting visits to other gardens or inspirational locations. It includes slots for recording the date of the visit, location details, and notes on ideas and inspiration gathered during the visit for your own garden.

Tasks for seasons template page
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A task list sheet is organized by seasons (e.g., spring, summer, fall, winter) and provides space for listing gardening tasks and chores specific to each season. It helps you plan and stay on top of seasonal garden maintenance and activities.

Sowing guide template page
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A sowing guide is a reference page that lists plant names alongside the months in which they should be sown or planted. It serves as a planting calendar, helping you schedule and plan your gardening activities throughout the year.

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